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Rancho Cucamonga CA Locksmith Store Rancho Cucamonga, CA 909-294-3015People often don’t consider properly securing their mailboxes. While it is true that we have moved to more modern forms of communication but many mails that we receive still make their way through mail boxes. And this can include everything from general communication for a business to sensitive company data, which can be used against the business if it falls into the wrong hands. Having robust mail box locks in place will never expose you to any kind of danger that comes with not installing or neglecting the protection of your mailbox.

What types of mailbox installation exists:

Mailbox locks come in various shapes and sizes. A residential mailbox is often the one that is mounted on a post at the side of the road or planted against the outside the home where it can be easily accessed. Both these locks use different types of locks.

It is much easier to have your mailbox locks changed! Wall mounted locks are incredibly simple. This type of box is held in place using a small C-clip which applies pressure against the back of the door. Our technicians will help in replacing wall mounted mailbox locks by replacing the pre-existing old lock and replacing it with a more modern lock. Apart from that, if you ever lose the tiny key to your lock and feel that it may have fallen into the wrong hands, simply call us and we will arrange a new key as well as rekey the lock so that the old key becomes useless.

How long do our locksmiths take to install?

Many people might think that installing a mailbox lock is very easy. In fact, there are many DIY videos on the internet that can guide you on how to install a mailbox lock, but you have to realize that tutorials have been made by professionals and what looks like easy for them doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy for you as well. A professional is better equipped to handle a lock installation on a mailbox even if you are equipped with all the required tools. Moreover, Rancho Cucamonga CA Locksmith Store’s locksmiths will do the installation in just 15 to 20 minutes, something that can take you hours with no guarantee of success.

No hidden charges:

We declare our installation charges in the beginning only, so that the customer doesn’t get a rude shock in the final bill.

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